Processing of personal data

In France, the personal data is protected by the new PGRD regulation (EU) 2016/679.

When using the website, the following personal data may be collected: The URL of the links through which the user accesses the website, the user’s access provider, the user’s internet protocol (IP) address, personal data transmitted via an application, etc…

In any case, ATIC GROUP only collects personal data related to the user for the need of certain services offered by the website (e.g.: to contact ATIC GROUP for information). The user provides this information with full knowledge of the facts, in particular when they fill in themselves. It is then specified to the users of the website whether or not they should provide this information.

The placement of data with us does not mean that you lose control of it; according to the PGRD regulation, every user holds:

  • A right of access (this right allows you to ask us questions on the nature of your data treatment)
  • A right of rectification (this right enables the updating of your personal data)
  • A right to object (If you don’t wish to update your personal data)
  • A right of opposition (the right not to appear in some data processing operation or to no longer appear in it)
  • A right of deletion (the right to be forgotten, ATIC GROUP has no reason to keep your data beyond what is necessary
  • A right of portability (this right allows you to request your personal data, as long as it is subject to processing based on your consent or a contractual relationship)

If you wish to use one or more of these rights, you can send us an email to the following address (your identity card must be attached):

No personal information about the website users can be published, exchanged, transferred, ceded or sold to third parties, nor to other any medium without the user’s agreement. Only the purchase of ATIC GROUP and its rights would allow the transmission of the said information to a potential purchaser who would in turn be bound by the same obligation of data conservation and of agreement prior to any changes on the  website user data.

The database is protected by the provisions of the French law dated 1 July 1998  transposing European Directive 96/9 dated 11 March 1996 in respect of legal protection of databases.

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